On 13.10.2021 the Pomeranian Voivodeship Labour Market Council in Gdansk adopted a position on preparing personnel for the offshore wind energy sector.

As PVLMC underlines, the development of the offshore sector is a strategic direction for the transformation of the Polish energy sector, creating an opportunity for the development of the labour market and specialised personnel competences. Analyses indicate that within a dozen or so years up to 70 thousand new jobs may be created in this sector in Poland. In order to take advantage of these opportunities it is necessary to support the education and training system.

In this context PVLMC also drew attention to the initiative "Pomeranian Platform for Offshore Wind Energy Development in the Baltic Sea", whose one of the most important tasks is to prepare personnel necessary for the construction and operation of wind farms. Also, the role of the Pomeranian Competence Centre for Offshore Renewable Energy, indicated in the Regional Strategic Programme regarding economy, labour market, tourist offer and leisure time as a strategic goal, has been underlined.

To strengthen the education and training system for the new sector it will be necessary to:
- deepen cooperation with secondary schools, based on the organisation of a system of apprenticeships and equipping schools with appropriate equipment
- eliminate the competence gap on the regional labour market
- elaborate a model for identification and development of competencies necessary for the positions needed in construction, operation or servicing of wind turbines.

Full content of the position of the Pomeranian Regional Labour Market Council in Gdansk is available here