Our objective is to create, integrate and strengthen labour market resources necessary for the implementation of offshore wind energy investments in the Baltic Sea. The investments should contribute to increased benefits for the labour market and economic actors involved in the supply chain (local content). The centre is intended to be an education and training hub where institutions responsible for education, training, coaching and certification meet, a place for dialogue with the wind industry and the actors in the supply chain.


The centre will be located on investment land of the city of Rumia, adjacent to the Port of Gdynia, which will allow for the construction of specialist facilities, including a training ground for high-altitude exercises, firefighting, etc. The location of the Centre results from a comprehensive concept for the establishment of facilities for the handling of elements of offshore wind farms, commissioned by the Port of Gdynia, in which Rumia was indicated as the most optimal location for the establishment of the Centre.



a place for specialised training and courses (certificates and qualifications necessary to work in the offshore industry), specialised language courses.

Conference and office space

offering unique conditions and an "offshore" atmosphere thanks to the external architecture and interior design of the Centre.

Analytical and research

conducting and disseminating research on the offshore wind energy labour market, publication of reports in cooperation with institutions dealing with education, training, labour market and investors, providing analysis of requirements for various groups of offshore wind energy employees at various stages of investment.


dissemination of knowledge on the functioning of the offshore sector.


Integration of actors responsible for preparing the offshore labour market. We develop cooperation with, e.g.: 

  • industry organisations
  • training companies
  • universities,
  • vocational and technical schools
  • organisations of employers,
  • local authorities,
  • offshore companies.
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Office: ul. Dąbrowskiego 17 lokal 3C (I piętro)
Headquarters: ul. Dębogórska 148, 84-230 Rumia